What is the Table of Acts Cited by Popular Name?

The Table is an alphabetical list of popular and statutory names of Acts of Congress. The Statutes at Large citation following an entry is to the Act or part of the Act to which the name relates. Not all entries are classified to the United States Code. If an entry is classified mainly to a discrete part of the Code (such as a chapter or subchapter), a Code citation is set out in parentheses. If there is a short title or a short title note in the Code for an entry, a Code citation for the short title or short title note is set out on a separate line. Information about the classification of an Act to the Code can be found in Table III and the Code Classification Tables and by searching the Code for the public law number or Act date and chapter and clicking on the hit identified as Table III -- Statutes At Large.

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How do I search the Table?

The Table was deliberately put up as single HTML page to enable you to use your browsers "Find" functionality to search the table for a popular name or other item. For many Windows browsers you can hit "Control" + "F" to activate the "Find" feature. On the MAC, with the Safari browser, it is "Command" + "F".

About the Popular Names page

The intention of this page is to make this data available "sooner" rather than "later". The interface will continue to evolve as resources allow.