Move from USLM 1.x to USLM 2.x

The Office of the Law Revision Counsel has made XML available in the USLM format based on the USLM "version 1" since July 2013. Over the last 10 years USLM has evolved and the Office will soon begin publishing XML based on USLM "version 2".

A review guide for USLM 2.x is available from the GPO GitHub site. The guide is a good starting point for understanding the differences between USLM 1.x and USLM 2.x. The schema for USLM 2.x and other USLM 2.x items are also available from the GPO GitHub site.

The main changes that a user of USLM 1.x will see in the USC are

  1. Tables of Contents
  2. Tables
  3. Indent Model

Please be sure to review the documentation at GPO for these items.

A set of sample USC Titles in USLM 2.x may be found here.

Questions about the changes can be directed to the office using the contact information provided here.