49 USC 30182: Powers and duties
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§30182. Powers and duties

(a) In General.-The Secretary of Transportation shall-

(1) conduct motor vehicle safety research, development, and testing programs and activities, including activities related to new and emerging technologies that impact or may impact motor vehicle safety;

(2) collect and analyze all types of motor vehicle and highway safety data and related information to determine the relationship between motor vehicle or motor vehicle equipment performance characteristics and-

(A) accidents involving motor vehicles; and

(B) deaths or personal injuries resulting from those accidents.

(b) Activities.-In carrying out a program under this section, the Secretary of Transportation may-

(1) promote, support, and advance the education and training of motor vehicle safety staff of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in motor vehicle safety research programs and activities, including using program funds for planning, implementing, conducting, and presenting results of program activities, and for related expenses;

(2) obtain experimental and other motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment for research or testing;

(3)(A) use any test motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment suitable for continued use, as determined by the Secretary to assist in carrying out this chapter or any other chapter of this title; or

(B) sell or otherwise dispose of test motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment and use the resulting proceeds to carry out this chapter;

(4) award grants to States and local governments, interstate authorities, and nonprofit institutions;

(5) enter into cooperative agreements, collaborative research, or contracts with Federal agencies, interstate authorities, State and local governments, other public entities, private organizations and persons, nonprofit institutions, colleges and universities, consumer advocacy groups, corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, trade associations, Federal laboratories (including government-owned, government-operated laboratories and government-owned, contractor-operated laboratories), and research organizations; and

(6) in coordination with Department 1 of State, enter into cooperative agreements and collaborative research and development agreements with foreign governments.

(c) Use of Public Agencies.-In carrying out this subchapter, the Secretary shall avoid duplication by using the services, research, and testing facilities of public agencies, as appropriate.

(d) Facilities.-The Secretary may plan, design, and construct a new facility or modify an existing facility to conduct research, development, and testing in traffic safety, highway safety, and motor vehicle safety. An expenditure of more than $1,500,000 for planning, design, or construction may be made only if 60 days prior notice of the planning, design, or construction is provided to the Committees on Science, Space, and Technology and Transportation and Infrastructure of the House of Representatives and the Committees on Commerce, Science, and Transportation and Environment and Public Works of the Senate. The notice shall include-

(1) a brief description of the facility being planned, designed, or constructed;

(2) the location of the facility;

(3) an estimate of the maximum cost of the facility;

(4) a statement identifying private and public agencies that will use the facility and the contribution each agency will make to the cost of the facility; and

(5) a justification of the need for the facility.

(e) Increasing Costs of Approved Facilities.-The estimated maximum cost of a facility noticed under subsection (d) may be increased by an amount equal to the percentage increase in construction costs from the date the notice is submitted to Congress. However, the increase in the cost of the facility may not be more than 10 percent of the estimated maximum cost included in the notice. The Secretary shall decide what increase in construction costs has occurred.

(f) Availability of Information, Patents, and Developments.-When the United States Government makes more than a minimal contribution to a research or development activity under this chapter, the Secretary shall include in the arrangement for the activity a provision to ensure that all information, patents, and developments related to the activity are available to the public. The owner of a background patent may not be deprived of a right under the patent.

(Added Pub. L. 112–141, div. C, title I, §31204(a), July 6, 2012, 126 Stat. 759 ; amended Pub. L. 114–94, div. B, title XXIV, §24202(a), Dec. 4, 2015, 129 Stat. 1711 .)

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2015-Subsec. (b)(6). Pub. L. 114–94 added par. (6).

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Section effective Oct. 1, 2012, see section 3(a) of Pub. L. 112–141, set out as an Effective and Termination Dates of 2012 Amendment note under section 101 of Title 23, Highways.

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