29 USC 3204: Workforce councils
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29 USC 3204: Workforce councils Text contains those laws in effect on June 19, 2024

§3204. Workforce councils

(a) In general

Each Job Corps center shall have a workforce council, appointed by the director of the center, in accordance with procedures established by the Secretary.

(b) Workforce council composition

(1) In general

A workforce council shall be comprised of-

(A) a majority of members who shall be owners of business concerns, chief executives or chief operating officers of nongovernmental employers, or other private sector employers, who-

(i) have substantial management, hiring, or policy responsibility; and

(ii) represent businesses with employment opportunities that reflect the employment opportunities of the applicable local areas in which enrollees will be seeking employment;

(B) representatives of labor organizations (where present) and representatives of employees; and

(C) enrollees and graduates of the Job Corps.

(2) Local board

The workforce council may include members of the applicable local boards who meet the requirements described in paragraph (1).

(3) Employers outside of local area

The workforce council for a Job Corps center may include, or otherwise provide for consultation with, employers from outside the local area who are likely to hire a significant number of enrollees from the Job Corps center.

(4) Special rule for single State local areas

In the case of a single State local area designated under section 3121(d) of this title, the workforce council shall include a representative of the State Board.

(c) Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the workforce council shall be-

(1) to work closely with all applicable local boards in order to determine, and recommend to the Secretary, appropriate career and technical education and training for the center;

(2) to review all the relevant labor market information, including related information in the State plan or the local plan, to-

(A) recommend the in-demand industry sectors or occupations in the area in which the Job Corps center operates;

(B) determine the employment opportunities in the local areas in which the enrollees intend to seek employment after graduation;

(C) determine the skills and education that are necessary to obtain the employment opportunities; and

(D) recommend to the Secretary the type of career and technical education and training that should be implemented at the center to enable the enrollees to obtain the employment opportunities; and

(3) to meet at least once every 6 months to reevaluate the labor market information, and other relevant information, to determine, and recommend to the Secretary, any necessary changes in the career and technical education and training provided at the center.

(d) New centers

The workforce council for a Job Corps center that is not yet operating shall carry out the responsibilities described in subsection (c) at least 3 months prior to the date on which the center accepts the first enrollee at the center.

( Pub. L. 113–128, title I, §154, July 22, 2014, 128 Stat. 1551 .)

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Effective Date

Section effective on the first day of the first full program year after July 22, 2014 (July 1, 2015), see section 506 of Pub. L. 113–128, set out as a note under section 3101 of this title.