28 USC 507: Assistant Attorney General for Administration
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28 USC 507: Assistant Attorney General for Administration Text contains those laws in effect on June 15, 2024

§507. Assistant Attorney General for Administration

(a) The Attorney General shall appoint, with the approval of the President, an Assistant Attorney General for Administration, who shall perform such duties as the Attorney General may prescribe.

(b) The position of Assistant Attorney General for Administration is in the competitive service.

(c) Notwithstanding the provisions of section 901 of title 31, United States Code, the Assistant Attorney General for Administration shall be the Chief Financial Officer of the Department of Justice.

(Added Pub. L. 89–554, §4(c), Sept. 6, 1966, 80 Stat. 612 ; amended Pub. L. 106–113, div. B, §1000(a)(1) [title I, §111], Nov. 29, 1999, 113 Stat. 1535 , 1501A-20.)

Historical and Revision Notes
DerivationU.S. CodeRevised Statutes and

Statutes at Large

[Uncodified]. 1950 Reorg. Plan No. 2, §5 eff. May 24, 1950, 64 Stat. 1261.

The title of the position was changed to "Assistant Attorney General for Administration" by §307 of the Act of Aug. 14, 1964, Pub. L. 88–426, 78 Stat. 432 .

The words "competitive service" are substituted for "classified civil service" because the term "classified civil service" formerly used to designate the merit system established by the Civil Service Act of 1883 has become ambiguous due to the creation of the "classified" pay system. The term "competitive service" is now customarily used, and appears throughout title 5, United States Code, in place of "classified civil service".

The words "There shall be in the Department of Justice" are omitted as unnecessary as the title of the position and the fact of appointment by the Attorney General establish the location of the position in the Department of Justice.

The last 12 words of section 5 of the Reorganization Plan are omitted on authority of the Act of June 5, 1952, ch. 369, §1101 (3d proviso), 66 Stat. 121 . The salary of the position is now fixed by §303(e) of the Act of Aug. 14, 1964, Pub. L. 88–426, 78 Stat. 420 , which is codified in section 5316 of title 5, United States Code.

Editorial Notes

Prior Provisions

A prior section 507, acts June 25, 1948, ch. 646, 62 Stat. 910 ; May 24, 1949, ch. 139, §71, 63 Stat. 100 , related to duties of United States attorneys, and to supervision by the Attorney General, prior to repeal by Pub. L. 89–554, §8(a), and reenactment in sections 509 and 547 of this title by section 4(c) of Pub. L. 89–554.


1999-Subsec. (c). Pub. L. 106–113 added subsec. (c).