25 USC 4228: Affordable housing activities
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25 USC 4228: Affordable housing activities Text contains those laws in effect on June 18, 2024

§4228. Affordable housing activities

(a) 1 National objectives and eligible families

(1) Primary objective

The national objectives of this subchapter are-

(A) to assist and promote affordable housing activities to develop, maintain, and operate affordable housing in safe and healthy environments for occupancy by low-income Native Hawaiian families;

(B) to ensure better access to private mortgage markets and to promote self-sufficiency of low-income Native Hawaiian families;

(C) to coordinate activities to provide housing for low-income Native Hawaiian families with Federal, State, and local activities to further economic and community development;

(D) to plan for and integrate infrastructure resources on the Hawaiian Home Lands with housing development; and

(E) to-

(i) promote the development of private capital markets; and

(ii) allow the markets referred to in clause (i) to operate and grow, thereby benefiting Native Hawaiian communities.

(2) Eligible families

(A) In general

Except as provided under subparagraph (B), assistance for eligible housing activities under this subchapter shall be limited to low-income Native Hawaiian families.

(B) Exception to low-income requirement

(i) In general

The Director may provide assistance for homeownership activities under-

(I) section 4229(b) of this title;

(II) model activities under section 4229(f) of this title; or

(III) loan guarantee activities under section 1715z–13b of title 12 to Native Hawaiian families who are not low-income families, to the extent that the Secretary approves the activities under that section to address a need for housing for those families that cannot be reasonably met without that assistance.

(ii) Limitations

The Secretary shall establish limitations on the amount of assistance that may be provided under this subchapter for activities for families that are not low-income families.

(C) Other families

Notwithstanding paragraph (1), the Director may provide housing or housing assistance provided through affordable housing activities assisted with grant amounts under this subchapter to a family that is not composed of Native Hawaiians if-

(i) the Department determines that the presence of the family in the housing involved is essential to the well-being of Native Hawaiian families; and

(ii) the need for housing for the family cannot be reasonably met without the assistance.

(D) Preference

(i) In general

A housing plan submitted under section 4223 of this title may authorize a preference, for housing or housing assistance provided through affordable housing activities assisted with grant amounts provided under this subchapter to be provided, to the extent practicable, to families that are eligible to reside on the Hawaiian Home Lands.

(ii) Application

In any case in which a housing plan provides for preference described in clause (i), the Director shall ensure that housing activities that are assisted with grant amounts under this subchapter are subject to that preference.

(E) Use of nonprofit organizations

As a condition of receiving grant amounts under this subchapter, the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, shall to the extent practicable, provide for private nonprofit organizations experienced in the planning and development of affordable housing for Native Hawaiians to carry out affordable housing activities with those grant amounts.

(Pub. L. 104–330, title VIII, §809, as added Pub. L. 106–568, title II, §203, Dec. 27, 2000, 114 Stat. 2885 , and Pub. L. 106–569, title V, §513, Dec. 27, 2000, 114 Stat. 2979 .)

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Pub. L. 106–568, §203, and Pub. L. 106–569, §513, enacted identical sections 809 of Pub. L. 104–330. This section is based on the text of section 809 of Pub. L. 104–330, as added by Pub. L. 106–569, §513.

1 So in original. No subsec. (b) has been enacted.