20 USC 4503: Fellowship recipients
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20 USC 4503: Fellowship recipients Text contains those laws in effect on June 19, 2024

§4503. Fellowship recipients

(a) The Foundation is authorized to award fellowships to outstanding students and teachers who will pursue graduate study leading to the degree of Master of Arts in teaching or other appropriate masters degree for teachers, with a major in social studies or American history. Each recipient must take at least twelve semester hours, or its equivalent in topics directly related to the Constitution of the United States, as determined by the Board.

(b)(1) James Madison fellowships shall be awarded to individuals who are, or who desire to become, social studies and American history teachers in accordance with paragraphs (2) and (3).

(2) Junior fellowships shall be awarded to graduate students who are about to complete or have recently completed their undergraduate course of study, and plan to begin graduate work on a relatively full-time basis.

(3) Senior fellowships shall be awarded to experienced teachers who wish to undertake work for a graduate degree on a part-time basis during summers or in evening programs.

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Pub. L. 99–591 is a corrected version of Pub. L. 99–500.