20 USC 1070g-3: Program period and funding
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20 USC 1070g-3: Program period and funding Text contains those laws in effect on June 15, 2024
From Title 20-EDUCATIONCHAPTER 28-HIGHER EDUCATION RESOURCES AND STUDENT ASSISTANCESUBCHAPTER IV-STUDENT ASSISTANCEPart A-Grants to Students in Attendance at Institutions of Higher Educationsubpart 9-teach grants
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§1070g–3. Program period and funding

Beginning on July 1, 2008, there shall be available to the Secretary to carry out this subpart, from funds not otherwise appropriated, such sums as may be necessary to provide TEACH Grants in accordance with this subpart to each eligible applicant.

(Pub. L. 89–329, title IV, §420O, as added Pub. L. 110–84, title I, §104, Sept. 27, 2007, 121 Stat. 790 .)