16 USC 422d: Monuments, etc., protected
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16 USC 422d: Monuments, etc., protected Text contains those laws in effect on July 12, 2024

§422d. Monuments, etc., protected

If any person shall, except by permission of the Secretary of the Interior, destroy, deface, injure, or remove any monument, column, statues, memorial structures, or work of art, which shall be placed upon the grounds of the park by lawful authority, or shall destroy or remove any fence, railing, inclosure, or other mark for the protection or ornamentation of said park, or any portion thereof, or shall destroy, cut, hack, bark, break down, or otherwise injure any tree, brush, or shrubbery that may be growing upon said park, or shall cut down or remove or fell any timber, battle relic, tree, or tree growing upon said park, or hunt within the limits of the park, any person so offending and found guilty thereof before any justice of the peace of the county of Pender, State of North Carolina, shall, for each and every offense, forfeit and pay a fine, in the discretion of the justice, according to the aggravation of the offense, of not less than $5 nor more than $50, one-half for the use of the park and the other half to the informer, to be enforced and recovered before such justice in like manner as fines of like nature were, on June 2, 1926, by law recoverable in the said county of Pender, State of North Carolina.

(June 2, 1926, ch. 448, §5, 44 Stat. 686 ; Ex. Ord. No. 6166, §2, June 10, 1933; Ex. Ord. No. 6228, §1, July 28, 1933.)

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