16 USC 3302: Definitions
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§3302. Definitions

As used in this chapter-

(1) The term "appropriate tribal coordinating body" means the Columbia River tribal coordinating body or the Washington tribal coordinating body, as the context requires.

(2) The term "charter vessel" means any vessel licensed by the State to carry passengers for hire for the purpose of recreational salmon fishing.

(3) The term "charter fishing" means fishing undertaken aboard charter vessels.

(4) The term "Columbia River conservation area" means-

(A) all habitat within the Columbia River drainage basin; and

(B) those areas in-

(i) the fishery conservation zone over which the Pacific Fishery Management Council has jurisdiction, and

(ii) the territorial seas of Oregon and Washington,

in which one or more stocks that originate in the habitat describe 1 in subparagraph (A) migrate.

(5) The term "Columbia River tribal coordinating body" means the organization duly authorized by those treaty tribes of the Columbia River drainage basin to coordinate activities for them for purposes of this chapter.

(6) The term "commercial fishing" means fishing for the purpose of sale or barter.

(7) The term "commercial fishing vessel" or "fishing vessel" means any vessel, boat, ship, or other craft which is licensed for, and used for, equipped to be used for, or of a type which is normally used for, commercial salmon fishing.

(8) The term "enhancement" means projects undertaken to increase the production of naturally spawning or artificially propagated stocks of salmon or steelhead, or to protect, conserve, or improve the habitat of such stocks.

(9) The term "habitat" means those portions of the land or water, including the constituent elements thereof, (A) which salmon or steelhead occupy at any time during their life cycle, or (B) which affect the salmon or steelhead resources.

(10) The term "recreational fishing" means fishing for personal use and enjoyment using conventional angling gear, and not for sale or barter.

(11) The term "salmon" means any anadromous species of the family Salmonidae and Genus Oncorhynchus, commonly known as Pacific salmon.

(12) The term "salmon or steelhead resource" means any stock of salmon or steelhead.

(13) The term "steelhead" means the anadromous rainbow trout species Salmo gairdneri, commonly known as steelhead.

(14) The term "stock" means a species, subspecies, race, geographical grouping, run, or other category of salmon or steelhead.

(15) The term "treaty" means any treaty between the United States and any treaty tribe that relates to the reserved right of such tribe to harvest salmon and steelhead within the Washington or Columbia River conservation areas.

(16) The term "treaty tribe" means any Indian tribe recognized by the United States Government, with usual and accustomed fishing grounds in the Washington or Columbia River conservation areas, whose fishing right under a treaty has been recognized by a Federal court.

(17) The term "Washington conservation area" means all salmon and steelhead habitat within the State of Washington except for the Columbia River drainage basin, and in the fishery conservation zone adjacent to the State of Washington which is subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.

(18) The term "Washington tribal coordinating body" means the organization duly authorized by the treaty tribes of the Washington conservation area to coordinate their activities for them for the purposes of this chapter.

( Pub. L. 96–561, title I §103, Dec. 22, 1980, 94 Stat. 3276 .)

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The Pacific Fishery Management Council, referred to in par. (4)(B)(i), was established by section 1852 of this title. Pub. L. 99–659 amended section 1811 of this title by substituting provisions relating to exclusive economic zones, for fishery conservation zones.

1 So in original. Probably should be "described".