16 USC 3200: Denali Scenic Highway study
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16 USC 3200: Denali Scenic Highway study Text contains those laws in effect on June 21, 2024

§3200. Denali Scenic Highway study

(a) Withdrawal

Subject to valid existing rights, all public lands within an area, the centerline of which is the centerline of the Parks Highway from the entrance to Denali National Park to the Talkeetna junction which is one hundred and thirty-six miles south of Cantwell, the Denali Highway between Cantwell and Paxson, the Richardson Highway and Edgerton Highway between Paxson and Chitina, and the existing road between Chitina and McCarthy (as those highways and road are depicted on the official maps of the department of transportation of the State of Alaska) and the boundaries of which are parallel to the centerline and one mile distant therefrom on either side, are hereby withdrawn from all forms of entry or appropriation under the mining laws and from operation of the mineral leasing laws of the United States. Nothing in this section shall be construed to preclude minor road realignment, minor road improvement, or the extraction of gravel for such purposes from lands withdrawn or affected by the study mandated herein.

(b) Study

During the three-year period beginning on December 2, 1980, the Secretary shall study the desirability of establishing a Denali Scenic Highway to consist of all or part of the lands described in subsection (a) of this section. In conducting the studies, the Secretary, through a study team which includes representatives of the Secretary of Transportation, the National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Management, the State, and of each Regional Corporation within whose area of operation the lands described in subsection (a) are located, shall consider the scenic and recreational values of the lands withdrawn under this section, the importance of providing protection to those values, the desirability of providing a symbolic and actual physical connection between the national parks in south central Alaska, and the desirability of enhancing the experience of persons traveling between those parks by motor vehicles. Members of the study team who are not Federal employees shall receive from the Secretary per diem (in lieu of expenses) and travel allowances at the rates provided for employees of the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Alaska in grade GS–15.

(c) Cooperation notice: hearings

In conducting the studies required by this section, the Secretary shall cooperate with the State and shall consult with each Village Corporation within whose area of operation lands described in this section are located and to the maximum extent practicable with the owner of any lands adjoining the lands described in subsection (a) concerning the desirability of establishing a Denali Scenic Highway. The Secretary, through the National Park Service, shall also give such public notice of the study as he deems appropriate, including at least publication in a newspaper or newspapers having general circulation in the area or areas of the lands described in subsection (a), and shall hold a public hearing or hearings at one or more locations convenient to the areas affected.

(d) Report

Within three years after December 2, 1980, the Secretary shall report to the President the results of the studies carried out pursuant to this section together with his recommendation as to whether the scenic highway studied should be established and, if his recommendation is to establish the scenic highway, the lands described in subsection (a) which should be included therein. Such report shall include the views and recommendations of all members of the study team. The President shall advise the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives of his recommendations and those of the Governor of Alaska with respect to creation of the scenic highways,1 together with maps thereof, a definition of boundaries thereof, an estimate of costs, recommendations on administration, and proposed legislation to create such a scenic highway, if creation of one is recommended.

(e) Period of withdrawal

The lands withdrawn under subsection (a) of this section shall remain withdrawn until such time as the Congress acts on the President's recommendation, but not to exceed two years after the recommendation is transmitted to the Congress.

( Pub. L. 96–487, title XIII, §1311, Dec. 2, 1980, 94 Stat. 2481 .)

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GS–15, referred to in subsec. (b), is contained in the General Schedule, which is set out under section 5332 of Title 5, Government Organization and Employees.

1 So in original. Probably should be "highway,".